Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School

In 1985, Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School commenced as a primary school on the church site in Shellcote Road in Greenacre. Greenacre Baptist Church had a vision to provide a Christian education for primary students to prepare the children for a secondary education at nearby Christian Community High School. The church had a large enclosed land area that it had secured in the 1970s that would prove to be an ideal playground. In that initial year, there were two classes with Mrs Kathleen Toussaint as the founding principal.

GBCCS sees itself in partnership with the family and the church, complementing all the teaching and positive values embraced in a Christian lifestyle. The school motto is “Grow up into Christ”. This involves being the best that you can be in God’s world. As each student is an individual created in the image of God, all have the potential to learn and to develop their abilities. It is the wish of the staff that each student reaches their God given potential academically, physically, socially and spiritually so that they become effectively equipped for God’s service.

The school has subsequently grown to support Kindergarten to Year 12 High School.

To learn more about GBCCS, please visit the school website:

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