Who we are

The Greenacre Baptist Church commenced as a non-denominational mission in January, 1929. It was known as Greenacre Park Gospel Mission. Mr and Mrs C. W. Cameron were the leaders of the work. Meetings were held in buildings in Shellcote Road and Waterloo Road. In 1957, these fellowships sought affiliation with the Baptist Union and were constituted the Greenacre Baptist Church on July 12, 1957. The services were consolidated in the Shellcote Road building in 1960.

During the last 80 years, the surrounding community has undergone some very significant changes and so too has the Greenacre Baptist Church. Today, our church has attendees from many parts of the world. This makes for a very interesting church with people coming from Australia, Lebanon, Greece, Indonesia, and China to name but a few.

Our diversity is something we are learning to embrace as we remember how the Kingdom of God will one day consist of a “people, from every tribe, and language, and nation” (Revelation 5:9) gathered in the presence of Jesus Christ. Therefore, despite our overwhelming diversity, there is also a unity that comes from God who has made us “one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28)

Our Church, Vision, Purpose and Values

VISION: As a church, our vision (i.e. what we aim to be) is summarised in the following statement:

“As disciples of Christ, we strive to love God, one another and to communicate Jesus to the community in a relevant way.”

PURPOSE: The way in which we seek to fulfill our church vision is by means of:

WORSHIP: To glorify God by enjoying Him
DISCIPLESHIP: To help one another grow in Christ-likeness
MISSIONS: To share the good news of Jesus Christ others
COMMUNITY: To function as one people who are committed to Christ, and committed to one another
MINISTRY: To demonstrate the love of God in practical ways

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